Job Creation

In the past decade, Amazon has created more jobs than any other U.S. company. We are pleased to play a role in driving prosperity across the country. We continue to be excited by the potential to invest, invent, and create jobs that help individuals, families, and neighbors thrive.
A man in a construction helmet and orange safety jacket is photographed at a construction site on Amazon's campus in Seattle, WA. He is using a circular saw to cut through metal.

Creating high-quality jobs is fundamental to delighting our customers.

From employees in our HQs to our fulfillment centers, we’re always looking for passionate, customer-obsessed people to help us innovate. We are now the second largest private employer in the U.S., and the fastest growing. Over the past decade, no other U.S.-based company has created more jobs than Amazon, and we continue to hire.
Sparks fly as a a welder works on a metal structure.

Small-town company makes Amazon shipping labels stick

Helping Amazon deliver to customers is big business for CTM Labeling Systems.
My family wants to be here, not only because the pay went up, but because I told them it’s a good place to work. I've never loved a job more than this.
Dee, An Amazon fulfillment center employee smiles for the camera next to his workstation.
Dee, Amazon employee
An Amazon employee works inside an Amazon fulfillment center, facing the camera.

Woman on a tablet wearing a vest in a warehouse

Cutting-edge opportunity, delivered

How a part-time job at an Amazon warehouse led to a full-time career in robotics.
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